Five Tips to Increase Muscle Growth

Are you fed up being called the ‘skinny one’? Here are some tips that can help you in combating your fast metabolism and gain the mass that you desire so much to have increased muscle growth.

Tip#1: Do not train for more than one hour

You may be following a strict exercise regimen, but make sure that you don’t overdo any program for over an hour. Focus more on keeping the intensity high and not to drag your workout. Moreover, if you are making an attempt to put on weight, it is advised that you should work out harder, but not for a long duration of time.

Tip#2: Eating should be made a habit

If you wish to gain weight, you have to focus on making eating your meals a habit and not an afterthought. You just cannot fight your genetic disposition as your body is programmed according to that. You may have a speedy metabolism that helps in digesting and burning your calories fast. You may be eating a minimum of three high-calorie meals every day, but due to your genetic pattern, the food burn out may be rapid. So your strategy should be to have 5 to 6 meals after every 2 to 3 hours so that your body gets something constantly to build muscle and metabolize.

Tip#3: Find a good supplement

There are several good supplements on the market, the best of which are Alpha Elite and GH Burn. These help you increase your Growth Hormone levels, Increase Testosterone, Improve Blood Flow, and even Increase muscle growth.

Tip#4: Be aware about caloric surplus

Many people have a constant complaint that whatever they eat or do, they cannot gain weight. You may have come across such people quite often. However, such people can be wrong in their thinking. Many may think that they are eating in huge proportions yet not gaining weight. However it actually means that your eating is not adequate. So it is important that you reevaluate your diet well and put your attention towards food that is rich in calories. Of course you need to eat more in case you are not able to gain weight.

Tip#5: You should be taking it easy

In case you are a skinny person, you should not move too much and try to relax little more and restrict your activities outside the gym.