Building a House? Consider a Synthetic Ice Rink

Picture12Many new homes are being built with large bonus rooms, “bunkers”, double or triple garages, barns or massive open spaces in the basement area. Some design and construct these spaces with synthetic ice in mind. We have built some incredible home rinks in some of these spaces.

I think my favorite was in a converted equipment barn on a large wooded property. The owner had previously been in the recycling business and was very successful. He was also very resourceful and handy. I indicated to him that it was somewhat important to have a level floor. He had a concrete floor but thought he should perhaps improve it so he constructed a new wood frame base covered with plywood. This was probably the most solid and level floor I ever worked with because he took the time and effort to laser level it. He also constructed his own perimeter boards from 2×6 lumber and then cladded with puck board and colored hand rails and kickers to give it that authentic look.

Because the use of this structure was previously for heavy equipment there were a number of large doors along one side that could be opened up. This is a nice feature for a rink because the skaters can ot only stay cooler they can feel like they are outside – even though the structure was completely covered.

Now most people don’t go to this extreme but he even constructed an overhead viewing gallery. His plan was to offer use of the rink to his son’s hockey team and also to the community. Did I mention he is a great guy or what!?

The installation took us a day and a half and in the end he had one of the nicest home rinks I have ever seen. This is not typical of course. For most people something between 200 and 1000 square feet is more common. So if you are planning a new home or renovating consider making that extra space into a synthetic ice rink.