Is Your Home Loan Deal Still Good?

The loan market isn’t consistent or unchanging. Interest rates rise and fall, lenders change their policies, fee amounts change, etc., and all of these factors decide whether the loan is suitable for you.

It is always a good idea to keep your options open, even if you have stuck with the same loan for over a decade. At Home Loan Comparison, we believe borrowers should regularly check their home loan to see if it is still a good option for them.


How Do You Know If The Home Loan Deal is Still Good?

There are several factors to consider during this assessment process. Here’s a look at what can influence a borrower’s decision:

  1. The Current Interest Rate

The current interest rate is a big factor to consider while trying to determine the suitability of your old home loan. Use home loan comparison tools to take a look at the current interest rate range in the U.S. You can then compare it to your existing interest rate to see which is favorable. Be sure to compare apples to apples so if you have a variable interest rate loan, compare it to current variable interest rate loans.

  1. The Total Repayment Amount

Monthly repayment can be a big burden, especially if you have to pay heavy interest rates and fees. Look at how flexible and manageable your home loan repayment is compared to other alternatives available in the market today.

Most loans have regular fees like ongoing monthly or annual fees. They also have redraw fees if they take some money out of their loan account. Look at the repayment amount after including these fees to understand just how much you’re paying every month.

  1. Facilities Included in the Loan

Different loans come with different features that you might find appealing. It is a good idea to compare your loan features with what is being offered by competing banks. Does your bank provide a redraw facility? Does it offer an offset account? Can you split your loan intotwo? Can you make extra lump-sum payments? Is the loan portable?

Asking these questions will help you determine if your current loan is ideal or if you need to switch to a better deal.Experts recommend checking the loan at least once a year to keep track of what you’re paying. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at Home Loan Comparison on 0419 856 669.

Building a House? Consider a Synthetic Ice Rink

Picture12Many new homes are being built with large bonus rooms, “bunkers”, double or triple garages, barns or massive open spaces in the basement area. Some design and construct these spaces with synthetic ice in mind. We have built some incredible home rinks in some of these spaces.

I think my favorite was in a converted equipment barn on a large wooded property. The owner had previously been in the recycling business and was very successful. He was also very resourceful and handy. I indicated to him that it was somewhat important to have a level floor. He had a concrete floor but thought he should perhaps improve it so he constructed a new wood frame base covered with plywood. This was probably the most solid and level floor I ever worked with because he took the time and effort to laser level it. He also constructed his own perimeter boards from 2×6 lumber and then cladded with puck board and colored hand rails and kickers to give it that authentic look.

Because the use of this structure was previously for heavy equipment there were a number of large doors along one side that could be opened up. This is a nice feature for a rink because the skaters can ot only stay cooler they can feel like they are outside – even though the structure was completely covered.

Now most people don’t go to this extreme but he even constructed an overhead viewing gallery. His plan was to offer use of the rink to his son’s hockey team and also to the community. Did I mention he is a great guy or what!?

The installation took us a day and a half and in the end he had one of the nicest home rinks I have ever seen. This is not typical of course. For most people something between 200 and 1000 square feet is more common. So if you are planning a new home or renovating consider making that extra space into a synthetic ice rink.



Five Tips to Increase Muscle Growth

Are you fed up being called the ‘skinny one’? Here are some tips that can help you in combating your fast metabolism and gain the mass that you desire so much to have increased muscle growth.

Tip#1: Do not train for more than one hour

You may be following a strict exercise regimen, but make sure that you don’t overdo any program for over an hour. Focus more on keeping the intensity high and not to drag your workout. Moreover, if you are making an attempt to put on weight, it is advised that you should work out harder, but not for a long duration of time.

Tip#2: Eating should be made a habit

If you wish to gain weight, you have to focus on making eating your meals a habit and not an afterthought. You just cannot fight your genetic disposition as your body is programmed according to that. You may have a speedy metabolism that helps in digesting and burning your calories fast. You may be eating a minimum of three high-calorie meals every day, but due to your genetic pattern, the food burn out may be rapid. So your strategy should be to have 5 to 6 meals after every 2 to 3 hours so that your body gets something constantly to build muscle and metabolize.

Tip#3: Find a good supplement

There are several good supplements on the market, the best of which are Alpha Elite and GH Burn. These help you increase your Growth Hormone levels, Increase Testosterone, Improve Blood Flow, and even Increase muscle growth.

Tip#4: Be aware about caloric surplus

Many people have a constant complaint that whatever they eat or do, they cannot gain weight. You may have come across such people quite often. However, such people can be wrong in their thinking. Many may think that they are eating in huge proportions yet not gaining weight. However it actually means that your eating is not adequate. So it is important that you reevaluate your diet well and put your attention towards food that is rich in calories. Of course you need to eat more in case you are not able to gain weight.

Tip#5: You should be taking it easy

In case you are a skinny person, you should not move too much and try to relax little more and restrict your activities outside the gym.

Learning How To Start A Blog

Learning how to start a blog may be easier than most people may think. There are many website guides that explain how a novice user can start their blog and build it.

The first thing you should think about before starting a blog is the topic you want to blog about. There are many bloggers on the internet and to stand out from them, you must talk about something unique. The best way is to choose a topic you passionate with and familiar about.

Select the type of hosting you prefer. You can host the blog yourself or choose a free blogging service that will be hosted by a third party. However, free blog services don’t allow you to transfer your site elsewhere; you’ll have to rebuild it if you ever wish to move the site. It is always best to host your own blog since self-hosted sites offer freedom and flexibility.

The next step is to decide on a blog domain name. Choose a domain name that relates to the type of topic you will be blogging about. Make sure that the domain name is easy to pronounce and remember as well. It will be easy for your followers to remember it and recommend it other users.

Best Canadian Web Hosting Company

The best Canadian web hosting company will give you the support you need and be fast and reliable. Websavers is all of that and more. They are company that is trusted by organizations and individuals to keep their radio streams, websites, and emails secure and available.

The company makes sure that you have access to all the data that you have with them. You can control your email account, website design, and domain when you service with them. This means that you can export, back-up, and delete your data at the time that you choose.

This company has cheap vps hosting. The packages that you can choose from are: aluminum, copper, silver, gold, and diamond. If you want to upgrade the one that you have, you can do so quickly and easily. VPS hosting is ideal for those wanting to transition their in-office server to a dedicated environment or hosting resellers that need a dedicated web hosting solution without having to pay a lot of money. Their managed vps hosting solutions are nice because they take care of the details so you can work on your business.

So as you can see, Websavers is a company that will provide you with good web hosting options at an affordable price.